First Blog Ever!!

So, this is my first blog ever. If you can guess, by my domain name, I love Disney. Well, I love all animation, but mainly Disney. I will mainly be writing about Disney. I’ve decided to take up a project, where I watch EVERY ANIMATED MOVIE ever, and write about each movie. Well, at least the ones I can. Some animated movies are lost. A lot of them are from different countries, so I’m not sure if I will have access to the movies or not, but I will make an effort. The ones I do know that are lost are three Argentina films by Quirino Christiani: The Apostle- 1917, Without A Trace- 1918, and Peludo City-1931. An Italian film by Umberto Spano, Raul Verdini, and Romolo Bacchini: The Adventures of Pinocchio- 1936. The first movie I will start with is The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reiniger created in Germany in 1926.

If anyone has any ideas of what else, I could write about; I am open to new ideas, and it doesn’t even have to be Disney. Also, if anyone has any tips on how to use this site, I would greatly appreciate it.

So, I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Annabella. I’m currently in college, and I am studying to become an animator. I love Disney, Animation, animals, make-up, music, and reading. I’m not sure what else to say, but I hope you like my blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I usually don’t mind answering.

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16 thoughts on “First Blog Ever!!

  1. Prince Achmed? *hurries to follow* Everyone who knows this movie immediately jumps up in my estimation! (You know, I have a second blog aside from Honoring the Heroine – Movies and Lyrics is a little bit more Disney oriented….)

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    1. In which, btw, I covered the biggest milestones of animation AND discussed the best movies of the 20th century last year….so if you need inspiration or search for new movies to watch, it’s a good way to start….

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      1. Yes, I saw that. I read every one I believe. You chose Beauty and the Beast which is a great movie, and does deserve it. I was so sad to see you get rid of The Lion King especially since it’s my favorite. Thank you. I shall look at the list again sometime when I get a chance lol.


      2. Yeah, Lion King was kind of unlucky that it went up against another really good movie, or it would have reached the top ten at least.

        Good luck for your blog. I look forward to your articles.

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    2. Yes- I have only seen half of it though. Originally, I didn’t like it, but after researching it and learning new things about it. I think I might understand it this time and actually like it this time hopefully. I shall watch it again tonight. But, thank you for the compliment lol.
      Yes, I think I read everything in that blog. You’re an amazing writer.


  2. Always amazing to find a fellow lover of Disney and animation, so I’m definitely following you!

    Wow, watching EVERY animated film EVER made? That’s quite a feat. Wish you the best throughout this journey! Are you limiting yourself to only theatrically-released animated films? Or are you going to do direct-to-video and TV animated films as well?


    1. I love Disney so much. I know a lot of people consider Don Bluth a traitor, and their argument is valid. But, I absolutely love his work, and one could make an argument in his case that if he didn’t leave Disney. Then we might not get the greats we have today. But, thank you for the follow 🙂 Yes, it’s going to be difficult and will take forever!!! lol I’m not sure yet. That is the list I’m following, so I’m not sure if it includes animated movies that weren’t theatrically released or sequels. I do know I will cover the Disney sequels. Most aren’t exactly Disney’s best, but they do have a few hidden gems lol. If the Tv animated films are on this list, then yes I will cover it lol. I think they are. I will be covering the Pokemon movies. Can’t wait till I read the 90s lol

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      1. When I was younger and more ignorant and stupid, lol, I used to really dislike Don Bluth and considered him a traitor. In recent years, I’ve gotten to like the man. I don’t approve of actions he’s done in the past and I still don’t really like any of his films, but I don’t hate him anymore and think he’d be a cool guy to meet.

        And yeah, that list does cover direct-to-video films as well. Good luck on your journey! It’s probably gonna take YEARS, but you gotta do it step-by-step.

        I dunno if you know about my other blog. It’s a live-action Disney blog where I’m on a mission to watch and review every single theatrically-released live-action Disney movie ever made! These don’t include things like Star Wars or Marvel movies, documentaries, or films from Disney’s subsidiary companies like Touchstone Pictures and Miramax, etc. Just the live-action, theatrically-released films that are purely from Walt Disney Pictures.

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      2. You don’t like The Land Before Time or Anastasia??????!!! lol Like, a few weeks ago I found out that Don Bluth has his own theater and he lives in Arizona. He also teaches animation. I thought that he had died. I’m glad he isn’t. Also, he’s trying to make a new movie. I’m glad that you don’t hate him anymore though, but I could understand why if you did. It was wrong what he did, but he did what he thought was right. Oh well lol Thank you lol Yea I figured lol But it gives me something to do and I’ve always wanted to watch all the animated movies anyways. So, why not? lol
        No, I didn’t lol. I shall plan to read it. I like most of their live-action movies. What’s your favorite? Mine would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean or Homeward Bound. I also can’t wait for the new Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. You’re list is going to take quite awhile also lol.

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      3. Yep, Don Bluth is alive and kicking.

        My fave live-action Disney movie is Mary Poppins, a classic answer, I know. And yeah, going through these is taking a while too since I only do a review every 2 weeks on this.

        If I may recommend a cool animation news site if you’re interested, (I might be biased since I’m one of the contributing writers, lol), but I think it’s an amazing site for animation news and they have a podcast where they review an animated movie every 2 weeks or so.

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      4. Lol oh my goodness I can’t believe I forgot Mary Poppins lol. Sorry pirates you go down the line lol. I love Julie Andrews and I love Mary Poppins lol Oooh yea it’s going to be awhile lol I shall check it out when I get a chance lol sometimes there’s nothing wrong with bias lol


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