Garbancito de la Mancha

Welcome Back! Garbancito de la Mancha is the first Spanish animated film. It was released on November 23, 1945 in Madrid and on May 13, 1946 in Valencia. (Both cities are in Spain.) Garbancito was directed by Jose Maria Blay and Arturo Moreno. Arturo also directed another animated movie, Alegres vacaciones in 1948. Garbancito de La Mancha is the first film produced in Spain, the first cel-animated feature film produced in Europe, and the first animated feature in color outside of the United States.

Garbancito was also produced by Jose. It was written by E. Piera, M. Amat, and Julian Pemartin. The music is by Joaquin Bisbe and Jacinto Guerrero. Garbancito was produced by Balet y Blay. Balet y Blay has produced 4 movies: Los Suenos de Tay-Pi (1952), A punta de latigo (1949), Alegres Vacaciones (1948), and The Enchanted Sword (1945) aka Garbancito de la Mancha.



  • Carme Contreras as Chirili; Fausto 5.0, Mis ex Novias
  • Lolita Duran as Hada parlanchina / Mujer der pueblo #2
  • Emilio Fabregas as Irascible leñador; La Gran Familia, El Emigrante
  • Eduardo Garro as Caramanca; Barrios Bajos, Un Viaje de Novios
  • Celedonio Merino as Forastero charlatan
  • Jesús Puche as Manazas / Hombre del pueblo #1; Placido, The Big Show
  • Rosita Valero as Hada mágica / Mujer del pueblo #1; Faustina, Rumbo
  • Segundo Vallespín as Hombre del pueblo #2; Mosquita en palacio

Before the Film:

There is basically no information on this movie. And, no I’ve never seen it before. So, I’m not sure what to expect. Also, the movie is in Spanish. There is no English translation and they are speaking really fast. There’s no link on YouTube, but I did watch it here:


So, there’s a clock, and in each time slot is a face. Then there are dancing and singing frogs/caterpillars (I can’t tell what they are). Then there are other singing bugs. Then whatever they are, wake up the rooster who wakes up the barn animals. The goat goes to wake up the little boy who begins to make breakfast.  The little boy and the goat begin to work in the fields. The bad little boys try to steal the rooster, but the other animals save it. Then some weird scene with a mouse and a cat commences. Then one bad guy pretends to be injured. Garbancito checks on him, while the other bad guys steal his bag. Then they push him, a mouse bites their hand, and they accidently wave a red towel, which attracts the attention of a bull that chases them. Then a fight breaks out between an old witch lady, and Garbancito and the town people. They look for her, but she escapes. Then a Giant appears who is controlled by the witch. He grabs the townspeople, but misses Garbancito. Then, I think Garbancito and the goat are going to save them. The next scene is they are surrounded by singing trees, and Garbancito looks scared. The mean boys are waiting for him. They kick the goat and beat Garbancito up, leaving him lying there. Then a fairy (who seems to resemble the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio) appears and brings Garbancito back to life. Then Garbancito builds a sword. Then he randomly becomes small, and then goes to find the giant and the witch. The witch sends a tornado which causes him to blow away and end up in a desert. The goat escapes. The witch is about to send a boulder into the ocean, but the goat hits her which also knocks the boulder down. She dies by being crushed by the boulder and drowning. The Giant dies by Garbancito using his sword and then him falling into his pit with dragons. He ends up saving the townspeople and the king honors him. He and this girl try to kiss, but they end up kissing the goat instead. The End


The music is pretty good. It doesn’t really have any point in the movie, but it is nice to listen to. The animation is pretty good for the most part. The beginning of the movie makes sense. It goes together until the middle of the movie. The voice actors are really good though.


Their voices don’t match up with the animation when they speak or sin. Some of the character designs look really bad. Most of the characters have balloon-sized hands. The story isn’t very good.

Overall Opinion:

While, the music serves no purpose in the movie, it is still pretty. The animation is pretty good for the most part, but occasionally something will look weird. Most of the character designs aren’t very good. While, the movie is in Spanish, for the most part, you can understand the movie. The story of the movie isn’t very good though. There are a lot of scenes that don’t really serve any purpose to the movie. The villains are pretty good, although the movie doesn’t seem to explain why they are villains or anything like that. The movie resembles a Disney movie by a few things, like the blue fairy and the music.  It also seems similar to one of the Fleischer movies, where it would’ve worked a lot better as a cartoon rather than a movie. I did like the movie for the most part and I think both children and adults might like it. Overall, I rate it as a B-.

Favorite Character:

My favorite character is the goat. It’s cute and charming. It’s a loyal friend who protects Garbancito and does whatever he asks for.

Favorite Song:

My favorite song is the one that the trees are singing. I have no idea what they are singing, but it’s really pretty. It reminds me of something that would come from Disney especially in their Disney shorts. Also, I don’t know any of the names to the songs.

Favorite Scene:

I guess my favorite scene is when the witch dies. I’m not exactly sure why she was trying to send the boulder over, but the way she died was very ironic. She basically died, because of her own doing.

What did you think of the movie? Who was your favorite character?

Next, up would’ve been Handling Ships. It was released in 1945 from directors Alan Crick and John Halas. It was an instructional film, and the first British animated movie. It was created at the request of the British Admiralty, as training aid for navigators joining the Royal Navy. It was never released formally to cinemas. I can’t find this movie anywhere, so I won’t be doing it. The next movie though is The Lost Letter. It was released in 1945 by the Soviet Union. Soyuzmultfilm is a famous Soviet Union studio that released this film. The Lost Letter is the first traditional-animated film for USSR and soyuzmultifilm studio.

(I do not own pictures, videos, etc. My information came from Wikipedia and IMDB).


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  1. Wow, you went really obscure there…I think I didn’t do it because of the length or because I couldn’t find it in a language I can actual understand. I just can’t judge it with the little I have.

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