New Rules

Originally, I was going to do a review on every animated movie that I could find. But, I was looking at all the movies that you can find, and up until 2010, there are 1,510 movies. As, you can see there are a lot of movies. So, I decided to cut some out.

  • Almost no movies that are under 60 minutes. There are a lot of movies that are only 40 minutes long, some even under, and I don’t really consider that a movie. After, watching The Lost Letter and having the experience with that movie, I decided that I don’t think it’s worth it. There will be a few exceptions to this rule, like a lot of the Christmas movies (Rankin/Bass movies) are 50 minutes, but they are still really good and I enjoy them.
  • Next, the movie had to be theatrically released. Again, there will be a few exceptions, like the Disney movies. But, a lot of the movies that weren’t released in the theater aren’t very good. And, I don’t want to waste my time watching movies that I know I won’t enjoy.
  • No Propaganda films. After, watching Momotaro, that movie was very unsettling. I don’t find it enjoyable and I don’t think other people will either. It’s pretty boring and I wouldn’t really consider it an “actual movie.”

At, the moment, these are the only things I could think of. I might add more as the list goes on, but we’ll see. I’m planning on still watching the films, because I really want to complete my challenge lol. But, I don’t want to waste my time writing a review on the film, especially since a lot of those kinds of films have hardly any information on them. Some of them don’t even have a Wikipedia page. So, back to our scheduled review lol.


4 thoughts on “New Rules

  1. I had a fourth rule which was “no movie which is basically the animated movie to the TV series. Perhaps kind of unfair, since I really enjoyed some of them (I am a big Detective Conan fan for example), but I felt that those are different from the standard movie in that they expect the audience to know the series they are based on to a certain extent.

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