The Tinderbox

Welcome Back! The Tinderbox is the first Danish animated movie. It was released in 1946. The director was Svend Methling and the studio was Dansk Farve- og Tegnefilm.

The Tinderbox doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, and on the IMDB page it calls the movie “Magic Lighter.” The Magic Lighter has the same director, same year, same studio, same everything. There isn’t any information on this movies, besides the cast.


  • Poul Reichhardt- Soldaten
  • Kirsten Hermansen- Prinsessen
  • Knud Heglund- Kongen
  • Karen Poulsen- Heksen
  • Elith Foss- Astrologen

Original Story:

The Tinderbox is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. The author who is famous for many fairy tales including, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, and many more. While, I’ve never read the original story; I do know that Hans is a wonderful author. I don’t know how similar the movie is to the story though.

Before the Film:

So, this film has basically no information about it. It was really hard to find the movie, but here it is. (Well, at least I hope this is the movie anyways.) The movie is in Danish, and there are no English subtitles either.


Well, the movie is in Danish and I don’t speak Danish. So, I might get the plot wrong. So, there is a Princess and I think the man wants her, because he takes her away. Then there is a tin soldier who speaks to a witch, as he goes down a cave. He steals money from the kingdom. The soldier kills the witch. The Princess is locked in the tower. I think the man is actually her father. He is yelling at her, but I don’t know why. The soldier goes into the Princesses room and kisses her while she’s asleep. She doesn’t wake up. The next night the solider comes again, but the Princess is awake. They kiss each other. The Queen leaves some kind of dust out, so she can track the soldier I think. The soldier and Princess kiss again. The Princess is crying. They catch the soldier. I think they might hang him. The soldier escapes with the big dogs help. The soldier and the Princess marry. They have a feast. The End

So, from what I can gather, basically the story is about a soldier who loves the Princess, and she loves him. For, some reason, her parents won’t let them be together. They try to catch him, but fail. Then one day they catch him, and are about to execute him, until big dogs show up, and save him. Then, since everyone is scared of the big dogs; they let the Princess and the soldier marry. They live happily ever after. The End


The music reminds me of a mix between Cinderella and Bambi. The characters are beautifully created. You can tell the difference between the characters. The animation is quite beautiful.


While, I am not sure if it is a language barrier or if the movie didn’t explain it well, but I’m not understand the story. Maybe, I should say the point of the story. The plot is basically the Princess and the soldier love each other, but they can’t be with each other. I don’t understand why they can’t be with each other though. Then in the end, they are allowed to be together. Is the only reason they’re allowed to be together is because; they were “threatened.” Again, maybe this was answered in the movie, and it’s just a language barrier. I’m not really sure.

The characters don’t seem to have any independent characteristics. You can tell who is who, but that’s it. There isn’t any actual “character” in them. Also, there aren’t any villains, or really any conflict. Most of the movie, I was bored and confused.

Overall Opinion:

The Tinderbox is a Danish animated film. It’s very difficult to find, barely any information on it, and has no English subtitles. The music is pretty and seems to be inspired by Disney. The animation is beautiful and the character designs are nice. The characters don’t actually have any personality though. The plot is very simple, which leads to being bored throughout most of the movie. The movie leaves you confused, and you’re not sure if it’s a language barrier or a problem with the movie itself. I sort of liked it, but I didn’t like it. Honestly, I’m not sure if I would recommend the movie. It isn’t a bad movie, but it isn’t a good movie. Overall, the movie is okay and I rate it a B-.

What did you think of the movie? What was your favorite scene?

Next, up is a Disney classic, Make Mine Music. Make Mine Music was released in 1946. It is the third package film, and is similar to Fantasia. It is the first American animated film to be made after World War 2. I’ve seen it, but it was a long time ago. So, I don’t really remember much of what happened.

(I do not own pictures, videos, etc. My information came from IMDB).


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